(c) Ladane Német 2017
Created in October-November 2017

How to play game:

Start manipulate with red ball named Ball breaker by press any key. Ball breaker will bouncing against any other balls, platform, and padding of screen. Ball breaker can jump over top of screen, thus it can to continue to next possible level without it need to break rest of balls in previous level. However, there is last level, where you must to break every ball, except grey one of course. Then you can to go over level and win game. This game has 14 levels.

Some of balls to break are following properties:

Controll game keys:

F1 - Show this help
Space - If you did break one of question mark ball while caption of game window print "Press SPACE key for shooting bullets!", so you can shooting bullets against every balls for five seconds, including grey ones, except Ball breaker itself of course.
F5 - Save game
F6 - Load saved game
F9 - Make screenshot of game
Esc - End whole game without saving just played game
<any key> - start manipulate with red ball breaker


Is this game too hard? Then there's lite version to download.

Zdala se vám hra moc těžká? Pak tu máme lite verzi ke stažení a i v češtině.

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